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Hello to all my new (very new) friends and others. I know I just got here, but I’m moving — to my own domain! Please visit me at


There are so many holes in my puzzle. Instead of searching for the rightful place of each respective piece one at a time, however, I have, gathered in my hand, three from the corner, two edges, several from the middle – eager to lay them all down, now. 

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Although my interest in genealogy was sparked more than ten years ago as a youngster, my research, I must admit, is still in the beginning stages. Off and on I have gathered a few stories and photographs from elders, and collected surnames, but the real tough stuff, like seaching through standard genealogical records, or identifying a slave master — haven’t really gotten to that yet.

I believe I have enough names to really start to dig in  — I can at least go back as far as my paternal grandmother’s grandparents — but there are several concerns keeping me from moving forward:

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My interest in family tree research began in 1996 as a sixth grade student in St. Louis, Missouri. As part of a history class assignment, I telephoned my paternal grandfather, then residing in Pennsylvania, to gauge his experience living through the Great Depression 1973 Oil Crisis.

We seemingly talked forever. It was the most extensive conversation I ever held with Grandpa Jodey, and notably the best. Unfortunately however, as an eleven-year old, I didn’t, at the time, understand the importance of not only recording but also storing in a safe place that exchange. I wish I had.

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