There are so many holes in my puzzle. Instead of searching for the rightful place of each respective piece one at a time, however, I have, gathered in my hand, three from the corner, two edges, several from the middle – eager to lay them all down, now. 

So far (since Monday night) I have:

  • Reviewed my paternal grandfather’s obituary (Monday, June 23)
  • Located a listing of his death certificate online via the Social Security Death Index by way of the Family Tree Legends site (Tuesday, June 24)
  • Replaced my previous free genealogy software, My Heritage, with the free Family Tree Legends software (Tuesday, June 24)
  • Clarified some facts with my mother concerning her grandparents (Tuesday, June 24)
  • Sent e-mails to family members enlisting their help in my search (Tuesday, June 24)
  • Purchased a domain name [ coming soon!] (Monday, June 23)
  • I’ve also conducted online searches for the vital records of at least six other relatives from both the Warren and Covington sides of the tree (Monday – Tuesday)

I made some progress in my search, but the method employed left me feeling unaccomplished and disheveled.

Nonetheless, although this may not be the best way to tackle a research project, my “allovertheplaceness” and excitement about what I’m doing has at least helped to establish a focus. From here I can make a plan, set some goals, as it should have been done in the beginning. 

Currently, it seems my puzzle building should center more, at this time, on establishing the border — I’ll start with Grandpa Jodey. I need to gain a copy of that death certificate and have a conversation with Grandma.