As I have been mentioning quite often, I lost much of my content and my .com altogether a while back. That really hurt — a lot. I wish I had in place a system to prevent, or at least have a back up to replace or recover with the least stress, the loss of my work.

Learning from my mistake, I am making plans to create backups to prevent the same scenario from occurring again.

For one, I  am making copies of each blog post in one Microsoft Word document located on my flash drive and uploading the document on to Google Docs — as I post. I may also make a copy directly on my computer.

Secondly, I am exporting my blog, beginning with once a week. Perhaps down the line, I may decide to do this daily, or as I make updates via blog posts or other additions/alterations.

In the near future, I will also create plans to protect, preserve and back up my genealogy records.

What methods do you use?