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As I have been mentioning quite often, I lost much of my content and my .com altogether a while back. That really hurt — a lot. I wish I had in place a system to prevent, or at least have a back up to replace or recover with the least stress, the loss of my work.

Learning from my mistake, I am making plans to create backups to prevent the same scenario from occurring again.

For one, I  am making copies of each blog post in one Microsoft Word document located on my flash drive and uploading the document on to Google Docs — as I post. I may also make a copy directly on my computer.

Secondly, I am exporting my blog, beginning with once a week. Perhaps down the line, I may decide to do this daily, or as I make updates via blog posts or other additions/alterations.

In the near future, I will also create plans to protect, preserve and back up my genealogy records.

What methods do you use?


A recent school assignment has helped me to break through, what I thought was, a brick wall. My classmates and I were instructed to write a brief biography of an African American woman and how we knew of them; it could be anyone — internationally known, alive, or not. I chose my late grandmother whom I posted about before. In revisiting some of her records, I came across those of other family members, in particular, my great-grandmother B. Blue. Somehow, I had previously overlooked the listing on her death certificate of both of her parents’ names! Perhaps I wasn’t at the time looking for them?? In seeking more information about each parent, I have been able to go back another generation on my family tree via census records. I was also able to find information about a great uncle. I am very thrilled about my recent progress.

I have created a number of to-do lists in my day. I always have so much on my mind, I’m very forgetful, and so writing down my thoughts as they come helps me out quite a bit. Yesterday I found a list that I made last Sunday. It was written to ensure my one day off from work wasn’t totally wasted. Reading over the note, I got to thinking: I wonder how much information someone can discern about me by reading what I wrote down. That thought led me to this one: I bet I can figure out a lot about a person by reading a note they may have left behind from long ago.

Although my interest in genealogy was sparked more than ten years ago as a youngster, my research, I must admit, is still in the beginning stages. Off and on I have gathered a few stories and photographs from elders, and collected surnames, but the real tough stuff, like seaching through standard genealogical records, or identifying a slave master — haven’t really gotten to that yet.

I believe I have enough names to really start to dig in  — I can at least go back as far as my paternal grandmother’s grandparents — but there are several concerns keeping me from moving forward:

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