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As I have been mentioning quite often, I lost much of my content and my .com altogether a while back. That really hurt — a lot. I wish I had in place a system to prevent, or at least have a back up to replace or recover with the least stress, the loss of my work.

Learning from my mistake, I am making plans to create backups to prevent the same scenario from occurring again.

For one, I  am making copies of each blog post in one Microsoft Word document located on my flash drive and uploading the document on to Google Docs — as I post. I may also make a copy directly on my computer.

Secondly, I am exporting my blog, beginning with once a week. Perhaps down the line, I may decide to do this daily, or as I make updates via blog posts or other additions/alterations.

In the near future, I will also create plans to protect, preserve and back up my genealogy records.

What methods do you use?


I have been gone from the genealogy blogging world for some time now and have, thus, missed out on the reading and interacting opportunities of the many new, or new-to-me blogs out there.

One fairly new and new-to-me blog is My Colored Roots. It is filled with abundant information on how to improve your family history research, and chronicles of the author’s, Ms. Darlene’s, genealogy work. Check it out!

Recently, I received a phone call from someone whom I had not heard from in quite some time. It was my aunt, one of them, who had great news: We can now go back another generation in our family tree! She was able to locate the names of my great-grandmother’s grandparents. Additionally, she was able to fill me in on the names of granny’s siblings, and their children.

For some months now, I have halted my searches. Most of that was due to my very tight school and work schedule. It was also due to the fact that I was running into more and more brick walls AND that I was having trouble replacing the work previously posted on my now former .com, which I somehow lost. 

Now, in this final semester, with more breathing room after leaving my previous work situation, and receiving the wonderful news from my aunt, I have again found the motivation to put more efforts into unearthing more of my family history.

Stay tuned.