Tonight I called my grandpa, to check on him and to see how he was doing. We always have such lively conversations. Most of the time we are catching up on each other’s lives and that of our family members. This evening, however,  in addition to the usual, I decided to ask him some questions of his time as a youngster up until now, and that of some of our kin who have since passed.

I used to ask such questions, of grandpa, before, but stopped for a while as it became bit of an emotional time for him and I did not want to further upset him. Over time, when I tried again, I limited my questions to one or two — maybe three. Tonight, I asked if I could ask more of these types of questions and he agreed. Additionally, throughout our conversation, I made sure to go at his pace and guage how far he was able to go. Well, grandpa had a lot to say! 

I do not wish to delve into everything here, but I do want to mention that there are many stories of our family tree that I want to look more into and now, thanks to grandpa, I know where to begin.

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